Surveillance Principles and Primary Radar Course 01 August 2020

This 5-day course introduces the fundamentals of radar and Primary radar systems engineering. The course begins by describing the background, historical overview and basic principles of operation. Students will learn also how radar sensors perform critical measurements and the limitation of those measurements. The radar range equation in its many forms is derived, and examples of its applications to different situations are demonstrated. The generation and reception of radar signals is explained through a holistic rather than piecemeal discussion of the radar transmitter, antenna, receiver and signal processing. The course wraps up with an explanation of radar detection and tracking of targets in noise and clutter. Types of radar displays, rotary joint and waveguides in use are well explained. The course is valuable to engineers, technicians and students who are entering the field or as a review for employees who want a system level overview. A comprehensive set of notes and references will be provided to all attendees.

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